CigarVolante – Promoting Civilized Indulgence

Promoting Civilized Indulgence

CigarVolante LLC is the Distributor in Virginia and North Carolina for Panacea Cigars, a mild to medium strength cigar produced by the Flat Bed Cigar Company and The Colibri Group, a premier manufacturer of cigar lighters and accessories.

Panacea has its own factory in the Dominican Republic staffed and managed by professionals that have produced some of the best cigars in the industry. The result is a cigar that is rich in flavor yet mild on the palate making it the perfect cigar to pair with finely crafted beverages.

CigarVolante is the sponsor the Virginia Wine and Cigar Trail, an affiliation of nearly 20 of the finest wineries in the Commonwealth of Virginia and for whom we provide cigars and specific wine and cigar pairing menus.

Our Cigars

CigarVolante sells Panacea cigars. We chose Panacea because they are not overly strong but have a rich and complex flavor that lends itself to pairing with lighter beverages like wine. Using Panacea Cigars, we have created beverage and cigar pairings that focus on the aesthetics of cigar smoking, the complexity, and subtlety that enhances the wine drinking experience.

Beverage and Cigar Pairings

Drinking wine and smoking cigars are similar aesthetic endeavors, marrying a combination of sensations; the bouquet of the wine, the room aroma of the cigar, the feel of a dry wine or a rich smoke in your mouth and the complex flavors as they play on your palate. Combine these with the camaraderie that goes along with their enjoyment and you understand the foundation for The Virginia Wine and Cigar Trail™.

Cigar Bar at your Wedding or Special Event

Let your special guests toast your event with a celebratory cigar! A cigar bar adds a touch of panache to your wedding or event and CigarVolante, the sponsor of the Virginia Wine and Cigar Trail, is the right organization to provide the perfect solution.

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