Good Fellas Cigars Review of The Panacea Green Broadleaf

Panacea Green Broadleaf

by GoodFellasCigars



Wrapper: Pennsylvania Broadleaf

Binder: Dominican Habano

Filler:  Dominican and Nicaraguan

Shape:  Toro

Size:  6 x 52

Country: Dominican Republic

Strength: Full

Price Range: Approx $6.40

The Panacea Green Label uses a Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper and the filler is a triple ligero so from that I can tell this cigar is going to pack some punch! The leaves they use for this cigar are fermented in Bucks Country, PA. Here is more information on the company itself if you would like to know –> Flatbed Cigar CompanyThe wrapper on this cigar is a chocolate brown with peppered dark spots and some thick veins running up and down the length of the cigar. It also has a clean cap and an oily sheen to it.

The foot and wrapper to the Green had a strong smell of spice to it. As for the pre-light draw it really had no flavor to it and the draw itself took pretty much no effort, very smooth. Which kind of made no sense because this is a triple ligero.  The initial draw was a different story though. It had a mild tobacco as the base flavor and prominent leather as the main flavor. The draw really required little to no effort still and when resting in an ashtray it produced a decent amount of smoke.

Going through the first third each draw produced a good amount of smoke and the strength in flavors begin to ramp up and tingle the tongue. A spice is introduced during the first third that is really strong when retro hauling. Also I begin to pick up a lite amount of vanilla bean along with the main leather flavor, which I can tell is on the up rise. The ash on this stick is for the most part black, firm, and stays on for quite some time.

The second third is where you really notice changes. The smoke here begins to become alot more creamy with the vanilla becoming alot more noticeable and the leather smoothing out along with it aswell.  Only down part here is I needed to correct the burn because it became really jagged. Overall I’m really enjoying this stick, it has an excellent blend of spice, vanilla, and leather that makes for a very creamy smoke. Plus I think this is the first time I’ve ever had Pennsylvania Broadleaf as a wrapper on a cigar…usually not that common and also stating what I stated before it’s made in the US which is another plus. This cigar would also compliment a nice, rich coffee.

Approaching the final third the vanilla is taking on a small amount of bitterness, which is a sign it’s starting to die down. While going making my way threw the final the vanilla continued to go down in exchange for the spice which was going up. The leather still remained the main flavor though. The burn was still up and down but, didn’t get to the point where it needed corrections again. As for the finish it was leather follow by spice. In total the Panacea Green Broadleaf was an excellent smoke especially those out there that are looking for a strong smoke that will give about and hour and a half of enjoyment.


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