GoodFellasCigars Review the Azul Cameroon

Panacea Azul Cameroon Pyramid

by GoodFellasCigars

Wrapper: Cameroon

Binder: Dominican (Cuban Seed)

Filler:  Dominican, Nicaragua, Pennnsylvania, USA

Shape:  Pyramid

Size:  6 x 60 (66OP)

Country: Dominican Republic

Strength: Medium to Full

Price Range: 4 pk $31.99

Happy New Year everyone! Were starting this one of with our new Cigar of the Month. Were doing something a little different then normal for this cigar, this time we decided to go with a smaller cigar company, Flatbed Cigar Company, we found to have a really good variety of sticks. From those sticks we decided that the Panacea Azul Cameroon Pyramid was worthy to be our cigar of the month. Flatbed Cigar Company is a small company that’s only 3 years old based out of  Bucks Country Pennsylvania with their motto being “old-school, micro roller”. If you would love to know more about their company go to this link here —> Flatbed Cigar Company.

Let’s start this New Year review off! The Panacea we chose was a pyramid shape for the fact it’s something also different from the norm and heck it’s the New Year let’s try something new for the site. The pack is firm with only a little amount of give to it. The wrapper and foot have a sweet and spicy smell of tobacco to it. The wrap is smooth and it has a little amount of veins to it. As for the pre-light it has a light flavor of tobacco and the draw is nice and easy. From that I’m going to predict it will produce a decent amount of smoke on each draw. Also that this will be the kind of cigar you will not have to worry about going out and that you will want to take your time on so that it doesn’t get too hot.

The initial draw has a pleasant warm smoke that has a campfire feel to it with flavors of spicy cedar that warms the palate. It produces quite a bit of smoke when resting and the draw is light and easy so, once again this will be the kind of cigar you want to take your time on and enjoy. The first third still had the cedar spice to it but not as strong as the initial light. The smoke was also a creamy musk that gave a slight barnyard feel to it like a old wood which was the musk and then a bitter vanilla been which lead to the creaminess. Lastly for the first third there was a small amount of roasted coffee that I could tell was going to become more prominent later.

Now going through the second third the spice evens out and begins to blend with a espresso bitterness. Along with that blend comes a warm nutty flavor of a nice roasted almond. This cigar still is remaining smokey when resting with a pleasant aroma of spicy tobacco. The final third has the spice smoothing out even more instead of giving the palate a shock. The draw is still remaining smooth. The main profile at this point is the bitter, dry almond that gives a good warmth to the smoke. I say this cigar would be good with something sweet and smooth. As for the ash throughout most of this cigar it was firm and not flaky at all, having a light grey color that was peppered with black. The burn was slightly wavy to begin with but by the midway point it stayed straight.

The finish to the Panacea Azul Cameroon was a great warming smoke that consisted of a slight spice followed by the dry almond. Overall this cigar was excellent! We here at Good Fellas were excited to give this cigar the honor of having it our Cigar of the Month. We loved the great blend of tobaccos for this stick and the pyramid shape because you don’t run across this shape too often. It’s also great to see smaller cigar companies out there really trying new stuff so if you’re ever in your local brick and mortar shop try something new this New Years and pick up a less known stick because you never know what you might find. If your interested in this stick check out the link above we posted that says Flatbed Cigar Company.

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