Black Natural Grande 560 (5 X 60)

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Our "Breakfast Cigar" because it is so mild that you can walk to the lake at 5;30 and watch the sun come up without this one kicking your butt.

Cuban seed Seco, Ligero, Olor Dominicano, and Nicaraguan highlights make up the interior, the binder is Dominican and this cigar is finished with a beautiful Ecuadoran Connecticut wrapper. Strength is mild to medium-mild, with a full body.

The bigger ring gauge Grandes add complexity and offer a cooler smoke. Because the Natural derives much of it's creamy flavors from the wrapper and there is more filler compared to the wrapper in the Grande you may find this cigar to be slightly milder than its smaller ring gauge cousins.

  • Strength: Mild - Medium-Mild
  • Body: Medium Full - Full
  • Taste: Creamy Latte Flavor, Light Vanilla, Slight Nutmeg

Panacea Pairing - The Black Natural pairs beautifully with a rich oakey Chardonnay and light to medium bodied ales. The bigger ring gauge mellows and softens the flavor making it ideal for lightly oaked wines and light lagers.

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