Red Habano Sampler

The Red Habano is full bodied, medium strength cigar with a Brazilian maduro wrapper and Habano binder surrounding a blend of: Seco Cubano, Ligero Piloto Cubano, Ligero Olor Dominicano, and Ligero Nicaragua in the filler. Like our PANACEA Black Maduro - this cigar is smooth and balanced. The difference is in the taste and strength. PANACEA Red has all the nutty, spicy, and sweet flavors of the black, but in a bolder body and pallet. If you like a strong cigar but insist it be balanced, this cigar will become your favorite. Take home a 4 Pack Sampler today.

  • Strength: Medium - (Cigar Journal rated the Red Habano 760 a Medium. Smaller ring gauges may be slightly stronger.)
  • Body: Full
  • Taste: Molasses, semi-sweet, hint of spice, caramel, coffee

These are my big red wine cigars. They are ideal for pairing with a hearty Cabernet, Zinfandel, Petite Verdot, and any red wine that has a "red fruit flavor". You can also pair them with a Guinness Stout and a Speyside Scotch with fruity undertones and corn-sweet Bourbons like a Woodford Reserve, Knob Creek or Evan Williams.


Smoking Hot Cigar Chic Review of the Habano 560

Dustin Schmidt Reviews the Habano 660

The Red has a fruitcake spice that offers up candied fruit flavors and a rich full complexity over our signature toasted walnut flavors. This is a wonderful pairing for fuller bodied red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot. It is an ideal pairing with corn-sweet Bourbon whiskies, and fuller bodied stouts and bock beers. See our Virginia Wine and Cigar Pairing site for pairings with our partner wineries.


Price: $36.00

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