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We are known for our wine and cigar pairings but St Patricks Day highlights our ability to pair our great cigars with craft beer too.

The White Corojo has a leathery base with a touch of molasses or maple syrup sweetness as a high note. It is an ideal pairing for Irish Amber and those beers and ales that have the caramel note of toasted and malted barley. Women love this cigar. See more on this great cigar here.

The Green Broadleaf is unusual in that its wrapper is more acidic than most cigar tobaccos. If you have ever brushed your teeth and drank orange juice you know what happens when you combine alkalinity (the toothpaste) and acidity (the orange juice). Smoke an alkaline cigar and drink orange juice, or an IPA, and the beverage tastes bitter. This is a great cigar with an IPA. More about the Green here.

The Red Habano is a rich and spicy cigar that stands up to the fuller flavors of big red wines, stout and bock beers. It is my favorite cigar with a Guinness Stout. It has a rich complexity that highlights the flavor but is not so strong that it kills your palate. The Red is our most popular blend. Read more about it here.

Build your own sampler. You choose!

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