The Colibri Summer Special — 20% off some of our top sellers

Colibri is one of the best lighters made.  Did you know that the Pizo ignition system (turn the knob get a spark) was invented by Colibri? Who should know more about lighters than we do?

We don’t have many sales but this is a good one. These are some of our top sellers and they will be on sale for a limited time this summer.

The Boss is one of the signature Colibri lighters, triple-flame with an integrated cutter. The Julius, a double soft-flame lighter that is unique and elegant. Our Monaco is a great way to get into a quality triple-flame Colibri at a reasonable price and with a durable finish that says “Use me every day.” The Talon has been reintroduced, is compact and durable.

The S-Cut is a staple and the EX-Cut back gives you a perfect cut every time. Finally, The Colibri V-Cut is the top selling Premium V-Cut in the market right now. This is your chance to get it in the premium (and beautiful) Carbon Fiber finish.

Check with your Colibri retailer near you or contact me through this web site. We can assist. Cheers, CV!